Fotos des E 60


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Healey Silverstone Datenblatt Chassis-Nr.: E 60

first Reg.No.: none in UK     
Reg.No.: in USA   2RMS 193
                                                                                                                                                         541 VME
761 DQS

GB 5633

known owners:
Edward Goodwin, New Jersey  1950
C. Everest   1950’s
Owners unknown between 1950 and 1965
Vintage Car Store  1965
M.P. Lawrence  1965 – 1972
A.S. Carroll  1972 – 1978  
W. Jim Franks,  USA  1978 -


more information on RacingSportsCar

Raced in the U.S.A. in 1950’s by Harry Gray and W. Hansgen
Raced at Lime Rock in the 1970’s


The Healey Book - Bill Emerson  -  2002
Healey The Specials – Geoffrey Healey  -  1980 

This car was fitted with a super-charger by the Healey factory and exhibited at the New York Motor show in 1950. Everything that could be on the car was either buffed to a high polish or chrome plated.  Current restoration finished in December 1997.

this letter should help to explain the history of E60 many thanks for this information

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Fotos des E 60


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