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Healey Silverstone Datenblatt Chassis-Nr.: E 54

first Reg.No.: VFM 209

Reg.No.: AJF 111 A

known owners:      
Mr Whewall 1950
G. Cooper  1950’s
B. Cox  1956 – 1958
F. Bannister
Owners unknown between 1958 and 1970
Bill Mackie   1970 – 1978
T.A. Fletcher 1978
George Read  1978 – 1983
David Bell 1984 – 1987
_ _ _ _ _ _   Germany  1993 -


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1970 – 78 competed in many hillclimb events around the midlands, Shelsley Walsh, Prescott, Lotln Park, and Ragley Hall
1984  Coranation Rally, driver David Bell and Terry Sanger 4th in class


Magazin: CLASSIC AND SPORTSCAR, May 1986  

 D 49 and E 54 were owned by David Bell in 1986 and I think David Hill is in fact David Bell. He may not have wanted his name published, Anyrate E 54 had the registation Number AJF 111A on it at that time so it was not a period number plate. So when the article in CLASSIC AND SPORTSCAR, May 1986, was written he put the number plate from D 49 on it to look right.   
Chris Berens,   7.Dez.2005


two letters should help to explain the history of E54

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Fotos des E 54


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