Chris Berens and friends from the  Association of Healey Owner was participant.
Chris Brens wrote me:

Hi Bernd, We had a great time at Le Mans though the weather was not very good
and we all got very wet at times. I enclose 4 photos showing the cars at the
meeting and doing the parade. The crowds were huge and we had to drive around
a 1 kilometer course through the town lined with thousands of cheering people.
We all watched the start of the race  but I only stayed for the first 2.5 hours.
A lot of safety cars were out due to heavy showers and it was a bit boring.
Again huge crowds.

Cheers for now

at St. Saturnin
Grand Parade des Pilots - in front: E 57
at Le Mans centre - in front: D 51
at Le Mans centre